what we believe

We wholeheartedly believe that regardless of who you are and your circumstances, no one wakes up one day and decides to sell their body for sex, and that everyone is worthy of God’s love. 


Leadership Team


Rebecca • Executive director & founder


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Danielle • Program director

After journeying through an 11 month mission trip to 11 different countries, a fire was lit in me to join the fight against human trafficking. During the World Race I was able to see what sex-trafficking looked like in places like Mongolia, Thailand, Cambodia, and Vietnam. After returning home in 2015, I was offered a position as the live-in Assistant Director at a safe house for women coming out of the sex industry and addictions called Esther House through Open Door Ministries in Denver, Colorado. The residents of Esther House have opened my eyes to what human trafficking looks like in Colorado. They played a huge role in helping me launch Beloved’s Street Outreach team to minister to the women working the streets of Denver.  After getting married, I moved out of Esther House but still hold the Assistant Director position. In late 2015, I joined Beloved as the Program Director and am responsible for developing new programs such as an online-outreach, a transitional housing program for survivors of HT, and global missions. I will mentor and build up Beloved team members to help lead these programs and assist with building awareness and planning events.


Amanda • prevention director

I was first impacted by the terrifying reality of sex trafficking in college after watching a heavy documentary on the issue. A couple years later I was faced with the reality while on a mission trip to Nepal, where we learned about how young women are taken from small remote villages in the Himalayas and sold. After returning from my trip to Nepal I could not ignore what I had seen and learned, so I set out to do something to fight sex trafficking. For me that looked like hosting small awareness nights in my apartment to teach women about the issue, how to fight it and where to get involved, and that began my journey. 

I received my undergraduate degree in communication studies and journalism, and my profession is a wedding and lifestyle photographer. Someone once said to me “what if you could do what you love, to fight what you hate” and that statement has stuck with me. My goal is to use photography to bring awareness to the issue of sex trafficking. As a wedding photographer I donate 5% of my proceeds to an international organization that is fighting sex trafficking and I encourage other creatives to do the same. My role with Beloved is to help the public become more aware of sex trafficking. I do this through organizing awareness nights, and using social media and creative outlets to shed light on sex trafficking, with the main goal to eradicate it.