Beloved would not exist without the commitment and passion of our volunteers. There are many ways to be involved with Beloved as an individual or group. 

Outreach Volunteers
Every week our outreach volunteers go into strip clubs in Denver to love, support and be a positive presence.

     -Fundraising committee
     -Restoration team projects


Support Beloved through giving resources for women in the industry from our current needs list.

Gifts for dancers:
Give up-opened gits in quantities of 25.
     -Finger nail polish
     -Body lotion
     -Body spray & perfume

Other outreach supplies:
We used these items each week for outreach.
     -$5 gift cards (for Bouncers)
     -Granola bars
     -Bobby pins / Hair ties
     -Beauty supplies / Makeup

Community Partnership

Around the Table
Beloved believes that the best conversations are held around the table with good food and great friends! Hosting an "Around the Table" is a perfect way to get your community involved. Beloved's leadership team would be happy to help plan a meal and speak to your community group / Bible study / family or friends, about the heart of our organization and the truths of the sex industry.

Church involvement
Beloved is thankful for the church partnerships that we have within our community. Please contact us if your church would be interested in hosting a prayer night, worship event or would like to be a church sponsor. 

Group projects
There are many ways to get your community group involved with Beloved. Plan a gift bag night, host a prayer night, decorate a bedroom for a survivor at a safe house or contact us with any new and creative ideas!