2018 Trafficking in Persons Report

Each year the "Trafficking in Persons Report" is released with new stories and growing sntatistics. Since it's release, Beloved has poured over this report with open minds and anticipating hearts. We are proud to find that there are enormous strides being made to eradicate human trafficking in our country and around the world. We are committed to being a part of the effort to make that happen. 

This report gives mind-numbing statistics that are often difficult to grasp. We encourage each reader to remember that every statistic given for human trafficking is from a person with an individual story and name. We continue to make every stride for the ONE.

TIP has a world focus with international and domestic stories of both sex and labor trafficking. While human trafficking is a devastating reality in our world, we find also find hope and celebrate each testimony of freedom and justice!

 The United States of America's report (beginning on pg. 442) provides us with great insight and convicting goals. We are inspired to grow as a community of abolitionists and are so thankful for your partnership in the fight!